The TCGs Revolution, Coming Soon!

Lifecycle is a game we have been designing for over a year with the sole purpose of eliminating the bad sides of trading card games. And we are proud to say that it has succeeded in that!


What’s worse than drawing a plain or a garnet on your last turn? Well, having a bad hand from the beginning! The one real bad side of most TCGs is the luck factor that always plays a huge part in determining your games. But in Lifecycle, it’s gone for good!
Lifecycle enables you to order your deck before coming to the match, leaving luck completely out of the equation.



Lifecycle has a brilliant play system that prevents players from gaining too much of an advantage, while preserving the fun and soul of the game.


With luck gone, Lifecycle is where only your skills matter! In fact, our gameplay system results in a much deeper experience.


How many times have you gone to grab a cup of coffee because your opponent was taking 5 minutes on every turn? This will almost never happen in Lifecycle! And this is because of our innovative lead-system.

The lead-system will not only drastically reduce the time you spend waiting to play, but will also add huge depth to the game! Since the lead-system allows only two actions for each player before giving the lead to the other, the timing and order of your actions are suddenly crucial, game-changing decisions!



Lifecycle also presents a golden card to rule everything, the “Homeland“. It’s the first card to pick, and the one that determines your success. Your Homeland will not only determine which cards you can put in your deck, but also empowers you with a continuous ability ready from the first turn!

The homeland card also has locked abilities that unlock when you have the right level of power, adding another dimension to turns and action timing.

stay tuned for the TCG Revolution!

coming soon…

Only if a nation could stand the test of time…